At Community Links we value our staff team

We have excellent retention levels.

Staff who are valued and empowered to make decisions, take risks, be creative are more likely to want to stay in an organisation. Staff thrive on making a difference and being recognised for achievements. Staff have the best interest of the people they support and one another in the work they do and will work together to achieve outcomes that they can be proud of.

We train staff in person centred approaches, including Active Support, and Positive Behaviour Support. Staff are trained in Person-Centred Active Support at induction to ensure that everyone understands this way of working right from the beginning of their career with us.

As leaders we always try to support a consistent, committed and motivated Staff team by developing and maintaining an organisational culture where staff are valued and feel part of the organisation. We do this by:

  • recruiting great staff with great values
  • working with the team to fulfil the purpose and strategy of the organisation
  • working with the team to deliver what is important to the people they support
  • create a shared understanding of what success looks like for staff
  • creating rewarding jobs in a positive culture
  • acting as coaches to new staff and existing team members
  • keeping people informed
  • by being constructive
  • by Directors being ideas people
  • encouraging, praising and rewarding staff for their achievements
  • giving staff the opportunity to contribute
  • support staff who are struggling
  • ensuring  progress meetings and ACTIVE supervisions
  • sharing good practice
  • providing the team with strategies for thinking through difficult situations
  • using person centred planning and thinking tools with our team
  • supporting staff to feel like they belong

Effective recruitment and selection is central and crucial to the successful functioning of Community Links. It depends on finding people with the necessary skills, expertise and qualifications to deliver the Company’s strategic objectives and the ability to make a positive contribution to the values and aims of the organisation.

If you are interested in employment opportunities at Community Links please contact Paul by email;